So, you might be able to tell, Tai was less than forthcoming about his first day of school at the Magic Palette.  Fortunately I talked to Jan for a few minutes before we had to leave, and so I got a little more information.

Apparently he is both serious and strong-willed.  Yeah, that is not a surprise.  He also enjoyed eating.  Unfortunately - he also: did not nap, hit kids, pushed kids, and pulled on their shirts.  At least Jan said all of this is age and stage appropriate behavior, but I'm still feeling like 'oh shit, he is never going to have any friends because he's going to be a little monster.'  I want to spend more time talking to Jan on Friday - ask more questions (when was he hitting?  Why?  Is there stuff I can be doing at home to help work this through?  Has she had other kids who acted this way and then settled in?) and hopefully that will calm me down.  I'm feeling a little distressed about this.

On the up side - he had a good time.  He 'played with all of the toys'.  When I arrived, he was building with blocks, then played with dinosaurs.  He'd enjoyed lunch (burritos) and snack (pancakes).  He got wet in the garden.  

The morning was so easy.  Even though he woke up late - 7:30 when we needed to leave around 8 - once I mentioned that today he was going to school, he popped up and was ready to go.  He was so excited to be a big boy.  He ate and got dressed with no problems.  When we got to the school (with Daddy, too) he headed right in, ready to play.  He checked out the doll house, then the train set, then found a couple of hard-hats.  When Tom and I said we had to go, so we couldn't wear the hats he said, "I'll just give them to someone else, then."    I was relieved that he was pretty much 'bye mom.  see ya.' because there was one little boy who cried every time his mom was out of sight.  

So tomorrow is a day off, then Friday it's back to school.  I hope it will be better... and then Tai is off for a week and a half - Monday is a holiday, then the next Wednesday, Friday, Monday and Wednesday he's going back East with Tom.  Bad timing, but Tom's family is having a vacation and they didn't ask what days would work for us.  (That's a rant for another day, though.)

So Tai is off, beginning to form a life on his own, and I'm trying to figure out how to help, and also how to step back and let him do it himself.