Trish vents her frustration to Sinag, suspicious about her boyfriend’s recent behavior. Just as Sinag was about to confess, Trish is called to attend to work-related matters.     

Meanwhile, poor Catalina is still wishing for her father’s approval, still working hard to prove that she’s better than her older brother and anyone else.

Trish decides to tail Benjie’s car as he leaves the office building (crazy possessive girlfriend is scary). Sinag on the other hand, is having a meal with Ninay, who surprisingly advices her to hear out what Benjie has to say (cause bitter Sinag is too much for her to bear).

Benjie has reached the park where he waits for Sinag, who appears much to his surprise. She gives him five minutes to say his piece.  


Random thoughts

* The best way for Sinag to avoid Benjie is to use Trish as a shield.

* After two years, Benjie’s first words to Sinag are: “Sinag, ang tagal na nating di nagkita ah. (It’s been a while since we last saw each other).”

* Was I the only cringing when Trish boasted about Benjie being the next heir to a big company? She sounds like a gold digger flaunting her trophy boyfriend to her friends.

* Was I the only one rolling her eyes while listening to Trish’s speech? She’s only been in the station for less than a month and her biggest responsibility so far was planning this anniversary party. With the way she was talking, you’d have thought she helped with the station’s popularity.

* Benjie looks like the prince from Cinderella (because Trish is dressed in a blue gown) while Badong is dressed like the prince/beast in Beauty in the Beast. Kudos to the costume design team for nod to Disney characters without the copyright infringement.

* How bad did Catalina mess up in the past for her own father to favor an upstart over her loyal and devoted (though maleficent) daughter who has been serving him wholeheartedly for years?

* When Tatay Teddy declared that he has not forgotten what Benjie did to their family, I wonder if he also remembered the monetary debt he still has to pay him and his mom?

* OH EM GEE. Alden and Maine are wearing the same outfits they wore when they guested in Full House Tonight.