* I have a feeling Catalina is destiny’s wooden spoon to stir SinJie’s boiling pot of fate.

* What happened to Benjie is every graduating student’s nightmare. I swear, I still get nightmares like this, where I get a call from a teacher saying that I can’t graduate yet because a requirement is missing…even though I graduated years ago.

* You know you’re a fanatic when you can remember when the BTS for certain scenes were released on twitter based on Maine’s clothes.

* What if this whole series is actually a 40-year old’s Sinag recollection of how she found her destiny? Those internal monologues are actually her narration to her audience. Or what if she’s reading from her autobiography during a book launch in the future?

* I just realized why Benjie didn’t wear wristwatches. It’s because he’s carrying around his lucky pocket watch from his father. I wonder if Trish is aware of that.

* Benjie is like this ghost that everyone is rattled by at the mere mention of his name.

In conclusion

This episode started with Sinag getting a glimpse of Benjie and ends with Benjie getting a glimpse of Sinag. It’s a nicely wrapped package. Both Sinag and Benjie are affected by the encounters but will do all they can to preserve their current relationships. Next episode, they will be forced to face the past that they’ve been avoiding for the past two years.