Ninay gives her bestie a visit at her workplace (during break time, because she has sense) and asks for updates on her relationship with Badong. Sinag tells her about the pet bird, and Ninay pushes the “destiny” card again (ugh, give it a rest already) while mentioning Benjie probably has his own love life by now, in an effort to force her to forget about him. Their talk is interrupted when Sinag is called to join the other DJs to meet the new station manager.

Meanwhile, the diabolical duo of Catalina and Elton plot against Benjie, who was calling the shots on the Pelangi (Tierra Alta) Project (apparently, they don’t have anything better to do than grind their teeth in vexation). For some reason, Elton now has the balls to castigate prima kontrabida Catalina (who’s starting to dress up like Marjorie. A halter, low back bondage dress at a corporate setting, really?) for not acting against Benjie. But she has a plan to take him down, and gets Elton to do the dirty work.

Back to Sinag’s workplace, we finally meet who’s the new station manager. Trish comes in after being introduced as the radio company owner’s god-daughter (Wow. Such a hefty credential for the position *eye rolls* He could’ve at least mentioned her degree or something related to the job). And her first order of business is to tell the DJs that their radio programs are getting repetitive, specifically pointing out that DJ Sunshine’s show was very negative and bitter. “Why don’t you inject substance and public service into your show? Who knows, you might even win an award.” Sinag’s forced smile says it all.


Amanda gets to talk to Benjie about Trish. He robotically answers as he eats. She asks him if he’s sure about what he feels about Trish (Amanda is the Ninay in Benjie’s life minus the “she’s your destiny” part). He gets a fish bone stuck on his throat again (like his throat is forever seeking Sinag’s magic fingers as the scene flashes in his mind again). Although his mom tells him that she has no problem with Trish, it’s clear from her line of questioning that she knows her son is not 100% happy with her.                 

Meanwhile, at Badong’s house, he rejoices over the state of his finances. Lolo Elvis continues to spew old sayings (I swear his whole script is practically a pocketbook of salawikain), Arman tells him not to get married before him and Ninay, and at the mention of Benjie’s name, the whole family is rattled. Apparently, no matter how traitorous Benjie has been, everyone in this universe believes that once Sinag and Benjie meet again, they’ll get back together, one way or another. Because destiny.

At Rosales Development, as soon as Benjie leaves his office and laptop (completely out in the open, not even closing the door to his office), Elton commences Oplan Sabotage the upstart Benjie. So what’s the modus? Infect his laptop and USB with a virus…manually. Both Elton and Catalina enter his office with the door wide open and employees around, by the way.  

 At the Obispo house, Sally excitedly reads a newspaper write-up about their exhibit. However, it’s nothing but bad reviews for Teddy’s work. The headline itself is a bad review. Like it can’t wait for the reader to read the article to know how bad the writer thinks his works are. Sally comes to assuage her husband’s wounded ego but he just walks out.

At the radio station pantry, Sinag’s co-DJs rant about the new station manager. While she tries to make excuses for the newbie, Sinag can’t help but impersonate her hoity toity manner (she didn’t insult her or anything). Of course, she gets caught. Ohhh…bad blood. Trish calls her into the station manager’s office-cubicle (like a principal talking to a naughty school child) and she lashes out at Sinag for laughing at her behind her back. 


Random thoughts

* All the chemicals in Marjorie’s hair must’ve fried her brain for her to be delusional like that. One, how could she think that Benjie thinks of her as a friend (after what she and her family did to Sinag and the Obispos)? Two, even if Benjie were single and unattached, why would she think that Benjie would be interested in her in any way? If two years of wearing slutty outfits in the office and there’s still no response from him, I would’ve thought she’d have gotten the message by now.

* I find it so funny that a few episode ago, Trish’s mom warned her daughter about losing her rich, heir “playboy” boyfriend. Before anyone even heard about the existence of his ex. And now, she goes and tells her daughter not to be overly paranoid, even though she’s one of the people who instilled that doubt in her head. Insane.

* You know how teleseryes love multiple coincidental contact points? I have a feeling that the Obispo couple would meet Trish’s mom as an art patron. If they do meet Trish’s mom, she’ll cause trouble to them as artists once she finds out that their daughter is a possible rival to her own daughter's happily (and rich) ever after.

* Awww…Tatay Teddy’s artist struggle is so real. Although looking for a day job just to help with the bills will not make him any less of an artist or a father.

* ARGHHH!!! Why are they using disposable cups at a radio station pantry??? Dafuq production team? So much for being an environmentalist. But to be fair, a coffee mug shows up later in the episode.

* With the way Ninay keeps on bringing up Benjie,  I have a feeling the reason why Sinag took so long to get over Eboy was because her family and friends keep on harping on her to forget about him. It’s like when someone tells you not to think of a white elephant and you do even though an elephant is the last thing on your mind. Ghad! Give the girl a break from your unsolicited advice about moving on. It’s not that Sinag is incapable of moving on. It’s because you keep on bringing it up, picking on the scab to re-open a wound.

* I’m loving Catalina’s new hairdo. Slay that slicked back beehive. But her outfit, not so much. What are the writers doing to Catalina’s character? She used to be so classy and headstrong and smart. Now they’ve reduced her to a higher level Marjorie type of kontrabida. Hustisya naman oh!


* Since Catalina is focused on bringing Benjie down, we apparently need a new kontrabida for Sinag (since Marjorie is out of her life). Enter the insecure rebound ex/questionably qualified station manager Trish. Finally a Sinag-centric kontrabida with substance.

In conclusion

The rebound ex finally meets the one true love. How far will Trish go to “fight” for her love for Benjie? What about Badong? Will he turn into a psycho paranoid relationship partner as well? Will this teleserye ever feature a rich privileged character who is not a self-centered brat (Catalina, Marjorie, and now Trish)?

Every episode, Alden and Maine (and the rest of the cast, save for one) give us superb performances that compensate for the shortcomings of the show’s plot. It’s a treat to watch them give life to these stereotypical characters.