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         Planet M493-338 had rumors of a band of four, fierce warriors. Ronon thought, very hesitantly, that there was the possibility that they might be Satedan. After the last time the team had come across true Satedans, things had gone…well, rather typical for them.

Still, they went, despite Ronon’s not so subtle hints that he did not want to risk another Incident. The planet - which Rodney was calling the Planet of the Mutant Rabbits because of the creatures that resmebled the rodents only with canines - was densely forested near the Stargate with no way for the puddle jumper to navigate through it. They went to the village some miles away to ask about the group, and the townsfolk directed them to the east.

After much hiking, complaining from McKay, and threatening from Ronon and Sheppard, they found the supposed Satedan's camp. As soon as the one woman among the group spotted the tattoo on Ronon’s neck, she came flying at him with blades drawn, and everything went sideways from there.

Rodney, back to back with Sheppard, took a moment to say that they probably weren’t Satedans. Sheppard pointed out that with those people, you really never knew and fired his weapon.